There are a number of factors that set Bob’s Construction, your local Window Depot USA of Rochester MN, apart from the competition. We’ll touch on a few of the major ones here:

1. Experience is Priceless: Experience is one thing that cannot be compensated for, no matter how qualified or knowledgeable a contractor may seem. Sometimes you just have to experience a particular situation to truly be prepared to handle it properly. At Window Depot USA of Rochester MN, we have nearly 60 years of experience in the home improvement industry. Regardless of your specific problem or situation, you can rest assured that we’ve addressed and fixed a similar issue for one of our satisfied customers in the past!

2. Up-Front Pricing: Some companies hide their price until the very end of their presentation. Once you’re so exhausted from hours of window babble, that you’ll agree to just about anything. We believe that’s just wrong. Our prices are fair and our intent is pure: to provide more value than any other window company can.

3. Local Ownership, National Support: Bob’s Construction, your Window Depot USA of Rochester MN, is a locally owned and operated company. Teaming up with the Window Depot USA network has simply allowed us to attain the national buying power required to save you money on your next home improvement project.

4. Custom-Made to Fit Your Needs: Many replacement window companies only manufacture windows in a few standard sizes. They then proceed to custom-fit the window as closely as possible to your point of installation. The major problem with custom-fitting is that no matter how much attention they pay to detail, it’s nearly impossible to match the sizes up exactly, which leaves small gaps between your window frames and the outside walls of your home. At Window Depot USA of Rochester MN, ALL of our replacement windows are Custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your home. This eliminates the microscopic cracks between the window frame and wall, which prevents air from entering or escaping your home.

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